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“Have a goal. Have a dream. Have someone to love. Have anything in our life that makes you do what you are supposed to do.” – Juan Pablo Solarte.

Curriculum Vitae


Primary and High School at Jefferson School,  Cali – Dapa – Valle del Cauca,  1998.

Master in Fine and Visual Arts at Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes,  Cali – Valle del Cauca 2004.


My Darkside at the Alianza Colombo Francesa, Cali-Colombia. July 21 2011.

14 Salon de Artistas, Cali – Colombia. May 2012.

*Work Experience

Artist, Founder and active member of the Art Collective ShiRt, Cali – Colombia.

Art Teacher at Colegio Andes, Cali – Valle del Cauca,  August 2013.

Art Teacher at Colegio Los Andes, Cali-Valle del Cauca. From January 2014 – 2015, until January 2016.

Lead Designer and Illustrator for the North American comic book series Daylight Sucks. 2016 – 2017. www.daylightsucks.com

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